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BILDSTROEMUNG, 2007: painting and photo montage
UdK (Meisterschüler/“master pupil” exhibition), 2005: 4-channel video installation WATER PROFILES, painting
UdK, 2004: video SCRATCH, photo montages
WATERPROFILES, 2009: paintings of the series WATERFROFILES; paintings of the series HORIZONT, video HORIZON
FLUX, 2011: video projection FLUX
Open Studio, 2007: paintings of the series WATERFROFILES, egg tempera on canvas, each 110 x 160 cm
FLOW, 2008: paintings of the series WATERFROFILES
BILDSTROEMUNG II, 2008: paintings and wood cut of the series FLOW
AUFLOESUNG, 2019: paintings 
BILDSTROEMUNG, 2007: photo montage and animation BILDSTROEMUNG